Estate Planning & Probate

We prepare specially tailored wills, trusts and disability documents and provide probate assistance.

With Beckett Tackett & Bagwell, you have the comfort of knowing that you have an advisor in your corner as your estate planning goals evolve, and someone who will be there to guide your heirs through the often arduous task of administering and settling your estate.

We are highly experienced in drafting simple and complex wills, revocable trusts, disability planning documents, and advanced medical directives. As part of our estate planning practice, we also represent clients who are about to marry in preparing and negotiating premarital agreements that address the ownership, management, and disposition of both their current and future separate and community marital  property and other issues that are important to each of them. We also assist married clients in preparing post-marital agreements to partition or exchange community property between themselves, to reflect the agreement of the spouses concerning income or property from their respective separate marital property estates, and to convert the separate property of one or both spouses to community property.

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